IT Nut Hosting Review – Best Web Hosting Company

IT Nut Hosting Review – Best Web Hosting Company

Just as every person has a different name, similarly every website has a different domain name, again just as there is the soul in the human body, same as the name of the soul of a website is Hosting ( Web Hosting is the lifeline of every website). But the main problem is whenever we are going to buy any Domain Hosting we face hesitation in conflict sometimes. 

Which company provides the best Domain Hosting? Should I choose an indigenous Hosting company? Or should I choose an international company to buy Domain Hosting? Which one will provide the best service? Who will provide the good Hosting support etc lots of questions roaming in our mind at that point? 

it nut hosting

But do not worry about that, I will post reviews about some of the best Hosting companies in Bangladesh on the Hostdiggy. So that any new user can easily choose the best Hosting provider for him. We all know that there are  lot of international good companies out there but it may not be known to everyone that nowadays a lots of Bangladeshi Hosting Providers coming up with international quality service for many years. One of the top hosting companies in Bangladesh is IT Nut Hosting, lets know about IT Nut Hosting in detail and also make a score mark based on their services and price. 

IT Nut Hosting

IT Nut Hosting has been providing several reputable services in the country and internationally for over 7 years. 

Some of their notable services: 

They are providing these services but beyond that IT Nut Hosting works on some new projects. I will discuss it in detail in another post. Let’s take a look at the details of all IT Nut Hosting services. 


When it comes to Domain, we usually give more priority to the .com Domain, because .com Domain is the most used domain & at the same time it is the most popular Domain also. 

IT Nut Hosting Domain Price 

  • .com Domain Price $9.95 
  • .com Domain Transfer Price $9.95 
  • .com Renew Price $9.95

That is to say, they are keeping Domain new price, Domain transfer price and Domain renew price equally. However, outside the price range they continue to give offers almost throughout the year, Domain offers prices they give $6.48, $7.05, $7.65, $8.23, $8.83. 

domain price

IT Nut Hosting .com Domain Features

  • Domain full control panel 
  • Free DNS management 
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • Opportunity to transfer at anytime 
  • No hidden charges 
  • Free Domain forwarding 

Comparing to other national and international companies it seems IT Nut Hosting has lots of effective and good features at reasonable prices, almost every company sells their .com Domain at $10.61 to $15.33. Also, the best side of Domain they are providing is Domain full control panel for that if you don’t like IT Nut Hostings services you can transfer your domain to another company, having full control panel users do not have to go to IT Nut for transferring the Domain. Domain full control panel is not offered by most of the companies because they want to retain the customers. 

Based on IT Nut Hostings .com Domain price and Domain features we can give it 10/10. 

Shared Hosting / Web Hosting 

From the beginning of the hosting world to still shared hosting is the most popular one. The main reasons are given below: 

  • Reasonable pricing 
  • Easily manageable 
  • Popular worldwide

If we take a look at the IT Nut Hosting shared hosting packages we can see they have given three packages in shared hosting. Let’s know about the packages in detail. 

Shared Hosting Package -1 (Nut Silver) 

  • 10 GB SSB Storage 
  • Two websites can be hosted 
  • Unlimited Bandwidth 
  • Free SSL 
  • Unlimited Mail Account 
  • cPanel Control 
  • Key features 
  • 10 GB SSD Hosting Price: $42.00 (1 year) 

According to storage, the pricing of the Nut Silver package is ok, it provides extra benefits on Bandwidth, free SSL, but the website limitation becomes low. It would be a great benefit for the user if they allow hosting 3 to 5 websites. For starting you can pick the Nut Silver package, besides it will be best for Portfolio Website Hosting, New Blogging Site hosting, New News Paper Site Hosting. 

shared hosting packages

Shared Hosting Package – 2 (Nut Diamond) 

  • 50 GB SSD Storage 
  • 10 website can be hosted 
  • Unlimited Bandwidth 
  • Free SSL 
  • Unlimited Mail Account
  • cPanel Control 
  • Key Features
  • Pro Features 
  • 50 GB SSD Hosting Price: $99.00 (1 year) 

Nowadays in the market Nut Diamond providing more extra features. No one provides such features at this price. Nut Diamond is best for E-commerce Site Hosting, Multi Website Host, News Paper Site Host and Affiliate Site Host. According to my opinion and other users’ feedback IT Nut Hosting Nut Diamond package is the most popular one. 

Shared Hosting Package- 3 (Speed Star) 

  • Unlimited SSD Storage 
  • Unlimited Website Host 
  • Unlimited Bandwidth 
  • Free SSL certificate 
  • Unlimited Mail Account 
  • cPanel Control Account 
  • Key Features 
  • Pro Features 
  • Turbo Features 
  • Unlimited SSD Hosting Price: $204.00 (1 year) 

If you have to host multiple websites and if your website traffic amount becomes more excess then undoubtedly Speed Star Package will be best for you. However, in my personal opinion, the Speed Star package price should be $164.71 to $176.99. But as they provide Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Website Host, Unlimited Bandwidth, FREE SSL, and Turbo Features in this package, the market price is ok. 

Based on IT Nut Hostings Shared Hosting price and Shared Hosting features we can give it 9/10.

Cloud VPS Hosting 

Cloud VPS Hosting Package – 1 

  • 2 GB 
  • 1 Core 
  • 40 GB SSD Storage
  • $10.00/month 

Cloud VPS Hosting Package – 2 

  • 4 GB 
  • 2 Core 
  • 80 GB SSD Storage
  • $20.00/month

Cloud VPS Hosting Package – 3 

  • 8 GB 
  • 4 Core 
  • 160 GB SSD Storage
  • $40.00/month 

Cloud VPS Hosting Package – 4 

  • 12 GB 
  • 5 Core
  • 240 GB SSD Storage
  • $60.00/month 

Cloud VPS Hosting Package – 5 

  • 16 GB 
  • 6 Core 
  • 320 GB SSD  Storage
  • $80.00/month 
cloud vps packages

Cloud VPS Hosting Package – 6 

  • 32 GB 
  • 8 Core 
  • 640 DB SSD Storage
  • $160.00/month 

Cloud VPS Hosting Package – 7 

  • 48 GB 
  • 12 Core 
  • 960 GB SSD Storage
  • $240.00/month 

Cloud VPS Hosting Package – 8 

  • 64 GB 
  • 16 Core
  • 1280 GB SSD Storage
  • $320.00/month 

Cloud VPS Hosting Package – 9

  • 96 GB 
  • 20 Core 
  • 1920 GB SSD Storage
  • ●$480.00/month 

Cloud VPS Hosting Package – 10 

  • 128 GB 
  • 24 Core 
  • 2560 GB SSD Storage
  • $640.00/month 

Cloud VPS Hosting Package – 11 

  • 192 GB 
  • 32 Core 
  • 3840 GB SSD Storage
  • $960.00/month 

Besides VPS Hosting they are providing RDP Service and Manage VPS Hosting. The lowest RDP price is $30.00, Configure starting from Cloud Pack-2 and Manage VPS price $25.00 per month.

IT Nut Hosting has been providing its service internationally for a long time. Outside the country their customers of VPS Hosting are high. So, in my opinion, VPS Hosting price is affordable than any other international company price or Bangladesi top Hosting company price. However, the big packages of VPS Hosting price should be reduced for Bangladeshi users. 

Based on IT Nut Hostings VPS Hosting price and VPS Hosting features we can give it 8/10. 

Customer Support

IT Nut Hosting is one of the few hosting companies in Bangladesh that provide 24/7 customer support. Almost all the year their customer support option stays open, even on Eid day also. Some of the way through IT Nut Hosting provide their customer support: 

  • Website Live Chat Option 
  • Facebook Massage 
  • Support Ticket 
  • E-mail 
  • Phone Call 
  • Facebook Group 
customer support

Almost everything that needs to be in the customer support option, everything exists on IT Nut Hosting customer support. Besides, the country like Bangladesh where the problem of electricity and internet always remains is such a situation IT Nut Hosting still provides their support 24/7 that is admirable. Still, if you don’t know about IT Nut Hosting I will suggest you to go their support option and communicate with them. I think you won’t be disappointed. 

Based on IT Nut Hostings Customer Support Option and Support Quality we can give it 9/10. 

Resource & Payment Option

Users can be specialists or service experts by themselves through resources. If your hosting provider guides you by giving you resources regularly like different info, update tips and tricks, etc then you can be an expert one day. You do not have to knock your provider repeatedly for any kind of problems. 

From my point of view of resource IT Nut Hosting is the Best Hosting Provider in Bangladesh. You can search for yourself the activities of other Bangladeshi Hosting Companies and IT Nut Hosting’s activity, you will see the difference. IT Nut Hosting is occupying its position on new platforms day by day, also it’s producing regular activities on Quora, Medium, Youtube, Facebook, and their Hosting Bangla Blog, Hosting English Blog, and Knowledgebase. 

Payment Options 

  • Bkash 
  • Rocket 
  • Nagad 
  • Upay 
  • Skrill 
  • Neteller 
  • Payoneer 
  • Paypal 
  • Stripe 
  • Bangladesh Any Bank Payment 
  • Any International Verified Payment method

Almost all kinds of payment options are available on IT Nut Hosting. They are also verified by SSLCOMMERZ. 

Based on IT Nut Hosting’s resources and Payment Option we can give it 10/10.

There are some good extra aspects of IT Nut Hosting 

  • No hidden charge available 
  • Fast response 
  • No payment charge applicable 
  • 30 days money-back guarantee 

Score summary at a glance 

● .com Domain Price & Domain Features Score 10/10
● Shared Hosting Price & Shared Hosting Features Score 9/10
● VPS Hosting Price & VPS Hosting Features Score 8/10
● Customer Support Option & Support Quality Score 9/10
● Resources & Payment Option Score 10/10 

All over score 46 / 50 

Hope you can understand what kind of Provider IT Nut Hosting is, above the score of it. In the Hostdiggy, I will try to review all the good services. From the detailed discussion above we can undoubtedly rely on IT Nut Hosting. Still, I will suggest you check out the IT Nut Hosting’s user feedback and communicate with their support for verification. I hope you will receive positive feedback from them.

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